How Do Concrete Driveway Contractors Work?

If you contact licensed concrete driveway companies now and ask them for a quote, they will most probably not give you a straight answer or even a ballpark figure. The thing is that concrete driveway installation is a type of home improvement project that’s not easy to quote as there are simply a lot of factors to consider. 

However, if you do require their services, whether, for installation or repairs, they will have to check the job site first to give you a good assessment of the project. Most likely, they will do the following things to get things underway.  

  1. Mobilization

Mobilization pertains to the movement of equipment and crew from the concrete plant to the job site. If the job is small, like it will be finished in a day, then it will just take one back and forth trip. However, things get complicated when it’s a big and complex job that requires several pieces of equipment and a bunch of crew traveling to and from the job site.   

  1. Preparation

Preparation is when the concrete driveway is being set for concrete laying. The driveway has to be duly prepared so that it has proper drainage or else all the water outside will pool in the middle of the driveway or worse, come running into your home.  

  1. Sourcing the Materials

When it comes to driveway installation or repair, the use of high-quality materials is important. If not done right, then the driveway won’t last for a very long time. When asking for a quote, be sure to make the concrete driveway repair companies specify what kind of materials are going to be used so you’ll know if your driveway is going to be installed or repaired properly.   

  1. Creating theconcrete mix

The consistency of the concrete mix will determine how thick or dense your driveway is going to be.  This is where the bulk of the price estimate will go into. The thing about concrete mixes is that they are priced roughly the same across all contractors. This is sourced from suppliers and contractors rarely get a discount from them. That’s the reason why the pricing of concrete contractors is always proportional to the total area of the project.  

  1. Making the delivery

The delivery of the project is almost similar to mobilization. Here, the number of mixing trucks needed to complete the project is determined, as well as the amount of time the laborers have to wait until the mix is ready for laying. Finding the ideal ratio of trucks to workers is necessary so that the drivers won’t have to sit around waiting while unloading and the laborers also won’t wait for the truck driver to deliver the mix.  

  1. Installation or repair process

The installation process is where the work is done. Here is where the concrete contractor’s handiwork is put into test. They are now going to lay the concrete, finish it, and let it cure. The proper installation or repair of concrete driveways plays a big role in its durability and functionality.  

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