Recommended Flooring Options for Garages

You probably have seen different kinds of garage floors, but do not recognize the type of flooring these garages have. As you know, garages receive some high traffic more than the floors on some spaces in your house. Additionally, it is more exposed to dirt as well as dust because of the vehicle and other materials you put there. If you are looking for the best garage resurfacing services Safety Harbor FL, you need to know what options you have to make deciding easier as you will also need sturdy and durable flooring that can withstand force.   


The following are the flooring options recommended by the experts:  

  1. Epoxy flooring – this option is considered to be smart and the most feasible choice have when it comes to your garage door. This is because epoxy material is extremely tough and can withstand force and weight, so you will not need to replace and re-floor your garage again and again. The coating is long-lasting and seamless, perfect for your vehicle. Besides all of these benefits, epoxy flooring is also very easy to clean because of its polished-like surface. It does not absorb moisture or even dirt on it so less cleaning time and effort is needed.  
  2. Polished concrete – if you want a concrete material as garage flooring, we recommend that you have it polished if you do not prefer putting on some epoxy (as epoxy can also be poured on the concrete surface). Similar to epoxy flooring, concrete is able to withstand heavyweight and is also long-lasting. The only difference is that if you do not have it polished, concrete can be accommodating of dust and dirt, making it difficult to clean and maintain. A polished concrete would look similar to epoxy flooring and may have the same benefits and advantages.   
  3. Stone floor – stone is popular because it is a good material not just for garages. Stone can vary and you can choose from graphite, sandstone flagstone, and many more although the three mentioned are the best options you have. Before you choose stone, you need to know that it can be extremely cold during winter so you better consider skipping it if it snows often in your place. Moreover, stones are expensive and may be out of your budget, but nevertheless, it is a good material for garage flooring.  
  4. Vinyl floor – this type of flooring is comfortable and flexible but it may not withstand high traffic and is extremely heavyweight. It also commonly requires maintenance. However, if your garage does not have much traffic and you can keep up with the maintenance demands, it can be extremely nice for a garage floor option.  
  5. Rubber tile floor – these resemble a mat that can be placed on your floor easily. It is very flexible and attractive to look at. Because it can be cleaned easily and is less porous, it requires less maintenance on your side.   

We hope we helped you decide on what type of garage door to have! 

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