Tips on How to Get the Best Sound for Your Home Theater 

This short but highly informative article will provide you with some very important tips on how to ensure that your home theater properly delivers the best sonic good, which gives you the most ideal home theater sound that your equipment is truly capable of. 

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  1. Make Sure That You Only Use the Right Speakers for Your Home Theater

This one is actually very important. It’s because a lot of people are using the wrong types of speakers in their theater. If you’re somewhat an enthusiast and you like listening at high volume, then you should find the right speaker that can deliver you with reliable sonic goods. 

On the other hand, it’s very important that you don’t use the speakers that have a metal dome tweeter or single soft. Instead, consider using multi-tweeter arrays. Compression horn drivers are also way better. Aside from that, line sources also work but a bit pricey. The rest will only give you poor reliability and stilted dynamics. 

Also, get rid of your horizontal formal center speakers and consider getting a center speaker which is identical to your rights and lefts. Then, you need to put it behind a transparent screen. 

  1. Make Sure to Keep Seats Away from Speakers and Walls

Simply put, the ears of the people watching must be minimum four feet away from the speakers. Having said that, don’t ever put seats near the walls, most especially on a back wall or you will lose the surround sound envelopment as well as get boomy bass too. Furthermore, a seat that is close to the surround speaker will only result in an excessive localization. Make sure that you do your seating layout prior to choosing your equipment. It must be the very first thing that you should consider when talking about upgrading your home theater. 

  1. Ensure You Have the Right Amount of Subwoofers

When you choose to have on row of seats in your home theater location, then you will be needing two subwoofers. The moment you have to seat rows, you’ll need at least 4 subwoofers and even more than that. Having a horn loaded mega subwoofer won’t actually give you a smooth bass. But, it will surely give you much of it but you will also get some massive dips and peaks across your theater’s listening area from rampant speaker boundary interference cancellations and room modes.  

The most ideal thing to do is to use more subwoofers and to put them in the mode-cancelling arrangements in order to provide smooth, consistent bass across the seating area.  

If you are not sure whether you are capable of installing these technologies, then it’s highly recommended that you consider hiring a reputable and experienced Home Theater Installation Beverlywood. In fact, the professionals are already knowledgeable about the best sound systems to use for your home theater, making sure that it matches your own needs and preferences. So, the moment you need to upgrade the surround sound of your home theater, make sure to contact the professionals. 


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